Thursday, April 21, 2011

* life of a playboy *

ello ^^
aku ada sorang kawan gurl name dia lynn,she's very the pretty der ! and everytime i puji her:
 me  : you~ ur skin so flawless.jelous siot ngan u.very the lawaaaa okay *smirk face*

lynn : aish,how many time i wanna tell you , 'THE PRETTIER YOU ARE THE HARDER YOU GONNA FIND TRUE LOVE '

me : iye ke ? macam susah nak caya ke, bukan kalau lawa senang ke get date ?

lynn : yah~~ rite.and 60 % of the guys yang ajak you kuar will ajak you do bad thingy and 99% of them date you just because you're pretty.

me ; aish.dont say like that laaa.ada okay guy yang baek (okay this line aku tipu)

lynn ; like i said--- 99 % :)

then, i wanna make a research, through "STALKING" !!
aku stalk mr X aje. XD i aim him for particular reason that couldnt bn mentioned
well, aku stalk kat twitter je.xde duit nak stalk lebih-lebih.

21st jan:
mr X :boys juz wanna have ~F U N~       * ouh,get're a player  eh,afraid of commitment

09th feb:
mr X :We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else fer us to find.... ;P

*owwww,so sweet :)*

10th feb:
"If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say, "I love you.""

11th feb :
love is in the airrr....~ lets make loads of <3 .....!!~ *aww,mahatma gandhi is ur idol isnt it?*

17th feb:
is lookin for party+hot+wild+sexhheyy gurl~~!! xDD
*wow ! u really love 'love'*

18th feb:
sorry 2 say dis.. bt i'm mr. Justbefriends... so i hope u cud harsh feelin dear.. =)

* emmm, i wonder la, is this tweet refer to the girl yang u found which ure lookin yesterday :O * X x tweet sampai la march :)) penat gak stalk die tau =.="

finally on apr 8:
will kiss you ... if you let me ...

* okayyy,very the open , in love ? emm? *

21st apr:

most ladies, hawties, booties in da club knows how to act normal when they're actually hideously drunk.....but all of 'em totally lookin pretty seductive while shaking their booties wittha beat next to d stereoooo ohh hnsss ohh hh~ ohh~ bahahahaa!! -mr X-


lynn's teori num 1 about playboy - "they are not good in love"


kalau bole elakkan la in relationship with some1 like this,nanti ada orang report kat kita bf kita kuar ngan girls lain..very the malu okay :(

i hate the most la kalau boyfren orang duk give hint or gatal ngan perempuan laen, if SINGLE ITS OKAY  then :)

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