Thursday, April 21, 2011

* life of a playboy *

ello ^^
aku ada sorang kawan gurl name dia lynn,she's very the pretty der ! and everytime i puji her:
 me  : you~ ur skin so flawless.jelous siot ngan u.very the lawaaaa okay *smirk face*

lynn : aish,how many time i wanna tell you , 'THE PRETTIER YOU ARE THE HARDER YOU GONNA FIND TRUE LOVE '

me : iye ke ? macam susah nak caya ke, bukan kalau lawa senang ke get date ?

lynn : yah~~ rite.and 60 % of the guys yang ajak you kuar will ajak you do bad thingy and 99% of them date you just because you're pretty.

me ; aish.dont say like that laaa.ada okay guy yang baek (okay this line aku tipu)

lynn ; like i said--- 99 % :)

then, i wanna make a research, through "STALKING" !!
aku stalk mr X aje. XD i aim him for particular reason that couldnt bn mentioned
well, aku stalk kat twitter je.xde duit nak stalk lebih-lebih.

21st jan:
mr X :boys juz wanna have ~F U N~       * ouh,get're a player  eh,afraid of commitment

09th feb:
mr X :We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else fer us to find.... ;P

*owwww,so sweet :)*

10th feb:
"If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say, "I love you.""

11th feb :
love is in the airrr....~ lets make loads of <3 .....!!~ *aww,mahatma gandhi is ur idol isnt it?*

17th feb:
is lookin for party+hot+wild+sexhheyy gurl~~!! xDD
*wow ! u really love 'love'*

18th feb:
sorry 2 say dis.. bt i'm mr. Justbefriends... so i hope u cud harsh feelin dear.. =)

* emmm, i wonder la, is this tweet refer to the girl yang u found which ure lookin yesterday :O * X x tweet sampai la march :)) penat gak stalk die tau =.="

finally on apr 8:
will kiss you ... if you let me ...

* okayyy,very the open , in love ? emm? *

21st apr:

most ladies, hawties, booties in da club knows how to act normal when they're actually hideously drunk.....but all of 'em totally lookin pretty seductive while shaking their booties wittha beat next to d stereoooo ohh hnsss ohh hh~ ohh~ bahahahaa!! -mr X-


lynn's teori num 1 about playboy - "they are not good in love"


kalau bole elakkan la in relationship with some1 like this,nanti ada orang report kat kita bf kita kuar ngan girls lain..very the malu okay :(

i hate the most la kalau boyfren orang duk give hint or gatal ngan perempuan laen, if SINGLE ITS OKAY  then :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

sepet itu style ! ^,^ peace ~!

setiap kali aku nak draw eyeliner kat mate mesti kene ade make up remover kat sebelah.
sebabnye adalah mata ku yang style (a.k.a sepet) memerlukan kesabaran yang tinggi untuk draw liquid eyeliner.
sebenarnye aku xde la rase aku ni sepet nau.
what is the exact eyes yang can define sepet pun im not sure.
biase nye orang kate orang yang mata sepet ni ade mix chinese.but aku xde pulak mix.
mak ayah dua dua pure malay.
sekarang ni naseb bek aku dah gelap, xde la orang duk tersasul cakap bahase cine ngan aku.
mase nak daftar ko-k la , siap ade junior course aku tanye aku pasal biosociety (society under my school) yang bukan aku ajk-nyer, tanya dalam bahasa cina lak tu.TERNGAGAH jap !

kadang-kadang jeles gak tengok orang mata cantik cantik ni :

cantek nau mate die ni.

do u know that mata sepet can create happiness??

see ! i told you ! love u both la !mmmuuuuaaahhh :*

Saturday, December 11, 2010


confuse x semestinye involve in choosing dress or shoes je.kadang kadang benda yang x penah kita confius pon kita bole confius gak.contohnya aku penah confuse eja pencil : sama ade single L ke double L kat hujung tu.demmmm!!seriously.did my brain degenerate?hahahahha.ok.stop memalukan diri sendiri.

the rumours have it,ONE OF MY FRIENDS ni die TER-fall in love ngan dua org lelaki.2 je kot kalo x silap ke 3 eh?hahahahha.xtau ar dia.but,ak just nak share wif u ol bebey bebey sume how to choose between two guys....mane la tau IN CASE u ol TER-fall in love ngan 2 different guy ke..can b apply to 2 or more guys ;)

reason why this could happen?
1)Maybe this other person has done something nice for you or has shown you some kind of interest for one reason or another. This may trigger some emotional feelings towards this person and you may not understand why or how you can stop them.
2)two people that are so very different from each other but for some reason they both have caught your attention and you like them for separate reasons.
3)in my point of view : berdasarkan atas situasi KAWAN aku ni.
2 2 hensem and baek??
tu yang dia confuse tu.cian cian.

HOW to choose??
ni kata kata dari yang pakar.kalo ikut kata ak lagi senang ;)

  • 1
    Analyze their temperaments. Choose the one who is as honest, communicative and trustworthy as you are. Opposites may attract, but discover which guy has qualities that are compatible with yours or that you'll be willing to deal with if they differ.

  • 2
    Evaluate your values, religious backgrounds, sexuality, money management, habits and flaws for clues to lifelong compatibility or problems down the road.

  • 3
    Envision your future to see who will best "fit" your plans. Problems will arise if you want to move to another state to raise a family, but your choice aspires to remain childless and live in the same house he owns now, for example.

  • 4
    Compare their interests with yours. Although you won't spend every waking moment together, it will be nice to have pastimes that you can share. Decide if you can live with your choice's other hobbies and ensure he's not put off by yours.

  • 5
    Review the time you've spent together. Remember if one has been more supportive during a crisis, tragedy or illness you've experienced while together.

  • 6
    Ask your family and friends for advice. They know you well, so trust their instincts if they have a strong aversion to or preference for one of the guys.

  • 7
    Study your feelings about their families and friends since you may be spending a lot of time with them. Watch how each one treats his mother and siblings, since the interaction may reveal how he'll treat you as your relationship matures.

    yang aku BOLD kan management ok bukan money account!!
    i am not materialistic.demmm!!
    saya cuma x tolak rezeki je :)))

  • Saturday, November 27, 2010

    headbands.cekak rambut.

    headbands + sensitive + high confidence level + good in planning = BLAIR WALDROF

    i love love love and adore gila kat dia
    she s an icon that says :beauty isnt all:
    we got to be smart- by being not too innocent at the same time not too bitchy!
    gossip girl is the only tv series that i focus on the girls more than the boys in it.

    dress yang super gila punye lawa ni (dah la wane merah) on season 4.

    fyi : blair come with this dress first in season.others followed.

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    saya budak baru belajau :)

    bole ke anyone yang baik hati belikan saya buku ni?
    hahahhaa.benci aku.susah nau nak blog blog ni.
    tapi apa nak dibuat.tiba tiba rasa nak buat blog.
    linda onn berkata baru baru ni
    "artis sekarang mempunyai banyak media untuk menegakkan kebenaran"
    nasrin buat blog atas sebab yang sama juga.
    except that im not an artis la.

     KEBENARAN yang hendak ditegakkan sekarang;
    1)saya dah nak masuk 20 tahun bulan depan.means saya masih muda
    2)and saya xde bf totally single (siyes bagitau kat blog ni sebab orang banyak tanya)
    3)kalau nampak saya gi kuar tgok wayang ngan sape sape tu (contoh isu kini : senior saya)
    adalah kerana:
    3a)dia senior saya yang banyak membantu
    3b)dia kawan saya semata mata
    3c)dia rapat dengan 'si dia' saya yang dulu.
    tolong jangan menyampah ngan aku after read this blog.
    ok.i know some of you will.
    sumpah aku tulis blog ni just saje saje nak bagitahu the truth.
    jangan la benci kat saya  :'(